Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

I will be writing continuously about three songs that are important in my life.

The first one that comes to mind is “How Great Thou Art.”  It is a gospel song with no specific singer.  I took piano lessons when I was young and this was the first song that I played that was not a song in my music lesson book.  It took me moths or at least quite a while to be able to play it well.  But the words did mean a lot to me at the time.  It was a song that we sang at church and that was that.  However since I have become an adult or now that I am older the songs means more to me because of the words.  I am able to see and understand spiritually what is being said in the song.  In seeking a more spiritual understanding I can see the greatness of God as I look at nature which grows without a lot of human interference and the sky with all of its beauty.  No interference to help the sun hang, the stars to shine or the moon.  All of this lets me see the power of the source of the universe and the spirit of man.

I love music and I like a lot of different songs from different genres. I love the sound of music and the movie.  I didn’t grow up watching a lot of TV but when I saw that movie I was moved by the Love in the family.  I guess you could say it was a dream or took me to a place of fantasy.  I had not seen a man love and respect a woman that way and then show so much Love to his wife and so many children.  Although he was a man of authority and raised the children as military people he was a father of much Love.  I was impressed with that.  I have that entire album on my playlist on my phone.  It was so alive and so freeing.

My third song is a struggle because it could be so many.  My journey thus far has put me in front of so many songs that have been messages to me, encouraging to me and just plane uplifting.  When you don’t know what to do next and you just need to wait a minute suddenly that songs shows up and sometimes its better that a counseling session.  I think I will pick “Let my Heart Dance” by David and Nicole Binion.  As I emerged out of a difficult time in my life and couple of years ago this song came to me.  I didn’t purchase the album but someone played it for me and then I had to have it.  The entire album is wonderful but this song just said to me those very words.  In my imagination I see myself dancing and I would just twirl around and see myself dancing with God.  I have never, believe it or not, danced with a man. My ex-husband never was a dancer.  This song just took me to a place where I had never been.  There is even one place in the song where the word says, “You take the lead,” which spoke so much security to me and I could see myself being held tight.  I felt secure and new – and so I continue life.